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Sport is pleasure, and if you do that on your holiday as well as enjoying the sea, it can’t turn out better.


Who says we can’t do sports while on holiday? Away from all the stress, we may even enjoy it more. Besides, there are combinations such as water sports, so that while exercising you can be refreshed and have fun. In Cala d’Or you will find an extensive offer of water activities: diving, sailing, kayak,… the quality of the water and the seabed are well worth exploring. Are you ready?



A very different and fun way to visit the beaches of Cala Figuera. With a boat trip you can visit unseen corners of the coast of Mallorca, you can glimpse the Natural Park of Mondragó and discover beautiful landscapes with the native flora and fauna. During the route, the boat makes a stop, one of the most expected moments for passengers, as they can take a swim in clear waters of the Mediterranean and experience their summer holiday to the fullest.


Cala Santanyí is full of bays that are worth their weight in gold. In the more rocky bays, you’ll find hundreds of different fish to dance with under the sea. It’s a different and healthy way to explore your surroundings. Since the demand is so high, many companies have set up their business in Cala d’Or. Want to give it a go?


Paddle Surfing are other popular water sports in our community. We need the wind for some waves, which is quite frequent in Cala Figuera, but to practice paddle surf, any day is a good day. Make sure you are fully equipped and leave the rest to the beautiful natural environment that will surround you for hours.


Renting a kayak with your partner or friends is a sure bet. You’ll not only be practicing a sport silently and sustainably, but you’ll also be able to visit spots you can’t reach by foot. And when you discover them you’ll feel privileged to swim in a natural environment as breath-taking as Cala Figuera.

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